• 6.5milsq.ft. under Management
  • 6000+Units under Management
  • 10Years association services experience
  • 90%+Units annual collection rates


We have the experience, systems, procedures and manuals in place to provide streamlined comprehensive Association Management and Consultancy Services to residential, commercial and mixed use communities throughout the GCC Region and till date have maintained 100% client retention.

Download: Corporate Capability Document

The management of a jointly owned property differs to that of a singular owner property in the way in which the Owners Association must react to situations, make decisions, issue instructions and appoint service providers. The role of the Association Manager requires a high degree of responsibility and experience, it is the Association Manager that must guide the Owners Association on matters concerning the Jointly Owned Property Law, supervision of the day to day operations and manage the finances of the Owners Association.

The Professional Association Services Asteco conducts throughout the region include:

  • Consultancy and Planning
  • Financial and General Administration of OA
  • Meeting and Service Provider Coordination

Although the structure and management of Owners Associations in Dubai is a very recent addition to the property landscape in Dubai we can have confidence that with Asteco Property Management you are not dealing with a new virgin management company. Asteco Property Management has been providing dedicated property solutions to our clients for more than 28 years and our Association Management team has been in operation since 2007 with a combined Owners Association Management experience of more than 20 years in the region and internationally.

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