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Appointment: 2009

Client: ZonesCorp

Services: Audit and Re-engineering

Property: Portfolio of industrial land, units and communal areas.

Role: To audit current real estate department to review current policies processes and procedures and make recommendations to improve efficiency in line with the current market and international best practices.


Whilst very similar in scope to the DDB audit the methodology in this Audit was to allow the secondment of a key member of staff to ZonesCorp. During this period they were to take an active role in the supervision and operations of the property management and leasing divisions to assess areas where improvements and support might be necessary.

Over a 3 month period the UAE Head of property Management for Asteco was seconded to ZonesCorp for 4 days a week with some clear KPIs identified as part of the projects deliverables.

At the end of the audit, Asteco had identified a number of critical areas requiring attention and solutions for the same.

The original terms of appointment allowed for a further extension of the agreement and provided for identification of an Asset Manager to implement and drive the changes through the organisation; developing a staff training schedule based on the skills gap noted in the audit as well as finalising a tender issued for a software platform upon which to operate a change in the leadership at the time of the reports final submission meant that the project did not proceed further.

Tourist Club Area

The area became known as Tourist Club when a beach was built by the Government in the 1970s to provide more recreation for people in Abu Dhabi.
The beach was just left of Le Meridien hotel and included entertainment such as bowling and ice-skating.

While the beach section no longer exists as such, the name has lingered on. in 2014 the area has been renamed Al Zahiyah