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Appointment: 2005 – 2009

Client: ADCB

Services: Property Managers and Sole Leasing Agent

Property: 24 floor commercial property of 41,000 m2, handed over Q1 2006

Role: Asteco Property Management’s involvement in the ADCB HO commenced in 2004 with a space review during the early stages of construction to assess how much space ADCB would require for their own use and how much would be leased out.

Pre – Operational Management Service

Asteco were involved in a number of early meetings with the project team in regards to the property including the specifications of the external façade and fire alarm system as well as site inspections with system suppliers such as the BMS, lifts to ensure that the operations of the facility would be efficient as possible.

Prior to the commencement of the onsite operations Asteco were involved in the following key tasks: -

  • Review, development and implementation of leasing procedures and documentation with ADCB and their in house legal teams.
  • Development of Tenants Handbook
  • Development of Tenants Fitting Out Guide
  • Development of Job Specifications
  • Tender of Cleaning Services
  • Review of maintenance service provision
  • Involvement in Security Services. Due to the sensitivity of the banks security requirements whilst Asteco were involved in designing the RFP for the security services which was ultimately released by ADCB.

Marketing activities were also running in parallel to these property management tasks but were co-ordinated through the single point of contact defined by Asteco for the property.

Operational Management Services

In January 06, approximately 3 months prior to the handover of the first unit to a tenant Asteco mobilised our on site team which comprised of a Building Manager, Assistant Building Manager (FM Services) and a BMS Operator (8-5, Sun to Thursday).

This team were then responsible for the day to day operations of the facility both for the services delivered to the tenants’ space as well as for the bank.

Initially the main focus was on the fitting out of the tenanted space and identifying, reporting and following up on repairs / defects that arose during the DLP period.

Later our role became more operationally focused on the Tenants (collection and issue resolution) and services being delivered to the property. This included the monitoring and supervision of the security service provision however in this case the agreed SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) precluded us from instructing the guards to deviate from their post instructions.

Hamdan Street

Hamdan street is also one of the older and most densely built up streets in Abu Dhabi, running from East to West. The area includes high rise residential and office buildings, including the Central Market development by Aldar, the Du Showroom building and the older but still popular Hamdan Centre . The main advantage of the area is affordability and convenience, although car parking can often be a problem.